Approach & Intentions

My sources of inspiration are many, eclectic and even disparate. That’s why I countersign my paintings with a kind of stamp « DEKIT Serial Painter ».

The goal is to avoid being catalogued, locked up in a style, a genre too much defined, a framework too narrow that would limit my range of expression. Then I classify my realizations by series. The same painting can sometimes be part of several different series.
Some creations are binding upon me without necessarily being the synthesis of a thoughtful approach or intention. Sometimes I feel like I have an angel or a demon on my shoulder. Whether good or bad genius who guides my hand on the canvas, grab my brushes, the flows of colours and light without really asking me for my opinion or leaving me any choice but to make, to implement.
As soon as I finish a painting, it escapes me again, no longer belongs to me, like a grown up child, takes off and pursues his life at the mercy of his destiny.
So I reappropriate them by embellishing them during the realization of a message, a symbolism, an underlying idea that belongs only to me. I like it when people enter my paintings as if they were in a cabinet of curiosity, discovering unexpected things at every step, improbable physical or philosophical thinkings, like a journey into beloved or unknown lands. I take up an extract from Jacques Prévert’s dialogues in Marcel Carné’s film « Quai des brumes » in which a suicidal painter answers Jean (Jean Gabin) with a summary of his own approach -« I paint things hidden behind things in spite of myself ! To me, a swimmer is already a drowned person ».
Personally, I can also see a siren or a Poseidon in it. My creations are generally more cheerful, tinged with humour, with a touch of sensuality. I also take the opportunity to discreetly wink, pay tribute to what seduces me and necessarily influences my perceptions
I am already working full time, 7/7, on my painting and aim to develop my visibility on the international scene.

Certificate of authenticity

A tamper-proof certificate of authenticity accompanies each of my creations. Specifying among other things: Title, format, support and materials of implementation, year of realization. Elements that I also carry on the back of my paintings. Validated by my signature.